Babak Lakghomi is the author of Floating Notes (Tyrant Books 2018). His fiction has appeared or forthcoming in NOON, Ninth Letter, New York Tyrant, and Green Mountains Review, among other places. Babak currently lives and writes in Hamilton, Ontario.



“Only Fragments” Pulpmouth

“Three Shorts” Juked

“Many Fathers Away” Hobart

“Here to Forget” Big Other

“Everything Green” Egress 2 (Print only)


“No Signs” Green Mountains Review

“Her First” New York Tyrant

“How This Will End” Bending Genres

“I Kept Looking for It” X-R-A-Y Literary Magazine

"The Mourner" NOON Annual (Print only)

"They Had Turned into Something Else" Heavy Feather Review Vol. 7 

"In Good Hands" Cassette 85 Dostoyevsky Wannabe (Print only)

"Word Count" Cassette 85 Dostoyevsky Wannabe (Print only)

"The Tallest Tree in the Town" Cassette 85 Dostoyevsky Wannabe (Print only)


"Shelter" New York Tyrant

"Two Pills" New York Tyrant

"Water, Ball, Blue" (b)oink (Longlisted for Wigleaf 2018)


"The Closet-Woman" The Citron Review (Nominated for Pushcart)